Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kinky Rodney... No silly, not like THAT!


'SCUSE ME WHILE I WHIP THIS OUT' is a collection of some of Friedman's previous published pieces, as well as some never before released material. His writing covers subjects from country music to politics to life in general. Like a great Texas barbeque, there is a little something on the plate for everyone to enjoy. I would not offer to share this with my reading buddies or even mention I own it, but the book certainly provides a unique portrayal of the life of Kinky. 'Coming Clean' by Rodney Carrington The artistry of this book is that it takes commentary and stories from Rodney's routines and puts it all on paper so skillfully that you can actually hear Rodney speaking as you are reading, and it sounds great. He is so funny, you won't care if you haven't heard his routines. If you have never heard Rodney, then you will want to read this ebook!

'Scuse Me While I Whip This Out eBook edition by Friedman, Kinky
Kinky Friedman is back, and with 'Scuse Me While I Whip This Out he gets it on with all manner of egos. In this collection of twisted takes on life, the Kinkster gives us funny, irreverent, and insightful looks at outsized personalities from people he's known, like Bill Clinton, George W., Willie Nelson, and Bob Dylan -- not to mention Joseph Heller and Don Imus -- to people he's known in spirit, such as Moses, Jesus, Jack Ruby, and Hank Williams. With his meditations on subjects ranging from sleeping at the White House, marriage, his pets, fishing in Borneo, country music, and cigars to the tribulations of possessing talent, Kinky doesn't deny us the "flashes of brilliance and laugh-out-loud observations" (Rocky Mountain News) that are present in all his other work.
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Coming Clean eBook edition by Carrington, Rodney
Rodney Carrington is living proof that while you can take the boy out of Texas, you can't take Texas out of the boy. In his first book, COMING CLEAN, he serves up a hearty serving of the down home humor that fuels his sold out comedy shows and chart topping albums. Letting his "inappropriately real" self shine through, Rodney shares his everyman wisdom (or lack thereof) about the stuff of everyday life, including: Every Dumb Thing Men Do Begins with Alcohol, Man Shopping, and I Like My Women Like I Like My Chicken. His insights on childrearing, making relationships work, and eating cat food will resonate with all the average Joes out there in the heartland, and the women who love them.
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